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Know where your data is going?

Who's reading your emails, accessing and distributing sensitive corporate and personal information? Not sure? CDS Marine have the solutions to ensure your private confidential data is safe and protected.

Already have a security solution on board?

Not only can CDS Marine supply security solutions for your vessel, we also have the expertise to assess and test your existing solutions, ensuring they are fit for purpose.

Data Security is our speciality

With more than 12 years of experience in protecting sensitive data and networks from unauthorised access in many different business sectors, including government and finance, you can be sure of first class expertise and service.

Do you need help to secure your vessel?

Contact us today and discover how CDS Marine can help secure your vessel’s network, and how we can protect and secure your valuable data.

In today’s digital, connected world, cyber, data security and privacy are very hot topics and rarely out the press; for both right and wrong reasons! With Ransomware and Cyber-attacks constantly on the increase, data protection rules changing and personal, very private data being leaked online, how certain can you be your privacy, key systems and information are as protected as they can be?

CDS Marine are vendor agnostic and as a result of this, all our solutions are tailored to directly meet the exact requirements and risk profiles of our clients. This also gives us the flexibility to react quickly to the ever changing challenges and demands that todays ‘Cyber’ world presents. There is no ‘Magic Amulet’ that will solve all your privacy and data security concerns, nor is there any such thing as 100% security. Assess the exposure, reduce the risk and attack surface, monitor and protect through security by design. All our solutions will provide these capabilities.

Benefits Of Our Solutions

• Protection and privacy of personal data and information of the owners, staff and guests from unauthorised access along with secure deletion of private data where necessary.

• Private, secure VPN ‘back to base’ solutions for owners with options for full encryption of all data entering and leaving the vessel, home or office. Coupled with mobile voice and chat encryption capabilities where required.

• Real time monitoring and scanning of all data entering and leaving the vessel using advanced machine learning tools.

• Monitoring of internal systems for unauthorised changes or access to servers, workstations, users, groups, shares and mailboxes.

• Advanced Firewall solutions offering complete application and data control along with superior intrusion prevention, file analysis and bespoke CDS provided capabilities, with no loss of network performance.

• Enhanced BYOD, Mobile and Corporate Device Management solutions. Control unauthorised or unauthenticated devices from accessing the network.

• Continued scanning of internal systems for known weaknesses and vulnerabilities, along with regular, automated patching of servers and workstations.

• Through years of research and experience, the ability to integrate with rather than replace any existing systems where necessary.

• Ensure all personal and private information is stored, controlled, monitored, accessed and deleted correctly. Adhering to current and new Data Protection Regulations.


Ensuring any existing systems are working and configured correctly, providing the services they should and be fit for purpose is of paramount importance. Simply installing a solution and not reviewing, monitoring or updating regularly introduces and allows an unnecessary level of risk.

New exploits and vulnerabilities are released on a daily basis. If your boundary and internal controls are even one month out of date you could be placing your privacy and data at risk.

CDS Marine can take care of your security and privacy from start to finish.

How secure the system is, how easy is it to gain access to the network and from how far away, what controls are in place.
In addition to the wireless network assessment CDS Marine can then move the process on by finding out how far into the system we can gain access both internally and externally. Also check what a known ‘trusted’ user can access and how locked down and segregated the networks on board are, If our team can get in easily, so can undesirables.
Test systems on board to determine how vulnerable they are to attack. Scan for configuration issues which can increase the risk of exploitation and highlight any missing security updates or patches.
Response and containment in the event of an attack, helping to identify possible entry points,identify stolen data, clean up affected systems and offer clear, concise guidance on what measures to take post-event to assist in prevention of any future compromises.
From start to finish CDS Marine can work with Owners, their representatives, management companies and local AV/IT to ensure that any Cyber and Privacy Security concerns are addressed and help to mitigate the key risks identified.
Act as your cyber and information security officer providing guidance, expertise, assurance and control for all matters relating to online privacy, cyber and data security.

CDS Marine believe very strongly in a ‘Security by
Design’ approach. Cyber and Data Security should be built in at the
very start of any project or solution. That way it becomes integral to
the processes and mind set throughout the entire organisation. In
addition, making users aware of their responsibilities with regards to
cyber and data protection, along with regular training sessions on the subject, further underpin our entire philosophy.

CDS Marine can assist with:

•Information Security and Physical Security Risk Assessment.

•Cyber Security Awareness Training.

•Evaluation of existing designs and solutions.

•Security Policy review, creation and enforcement.

•Solution selection, evaluation and design review.

•Product Research and Development.

why choose cds marine?

CDS Marine brings more than 20 years of combined experience in the development and implementation of cyber and data security solutions to your vessel/organisation. The owners of the business together bring skills developed at the highest levels of UK Central Government and a wide range of industry sectors covering cyber defence, intrusion detection, attack analysis services, incident response, security breach investigation and data protection expertise. Our aim is to be the ‘go to’ organisation and trusted partner to provide complete end to end, best of breed, privacy, cyber security solutions and services to our corporate clients, high net worth individuals, their families, yachts, estates and offices. We are dedicated and passionate about the services and solutions we provide and will always strive to do what is best for the client. They demand and deserve exemplary service and in this everchanging digital world, we will never sit still in making sure they receive it.


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